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10.00 - 2.30
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thursday, friday
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Facial Treatments    
Eve Taylor Express Facial 30 Mins £25.00
A pick me up for dull, tired looking skin.     
Eve Taylor Prescription Facial 60 Mins £35.00
Tailoured to your skincare needs.    
Eve Taylor Anti Ageing Facial  60 Mins  £35.00 
Designed to nourish and regenerate.    
Microdermabrasion Facial Treatment 60 Mins £35.00
Hand and Foot Treatments    
File and Polish 20 Mins £10.00
Manicure 45 Mins £18.00
Deluxe Manicure 60 Mins £20.00
Includes luxury hand mask using heated mittens.
Pedicure 60 Mins £23.00
Deluxe Pedicure 75 Mins £25.00
Includes nourishing foot mask using heated booties.
French Polish Additional £3.00
CND Shellac™
 A 14 day flawless wear manicure with mirror shine, zero dry time and no nail damage.
Shellac Colour   £20.00 
Shellac French   £23.00 
Remove & Reapply Shellac Colour   £23.00 
Remove & Reapply Shellac French   £25.00 
Shellac Removal Only   £5.00 
Add Shellac to any Manicure or Pedicure Additional £10.00

OPI mojito red OPI taupe
Eye Treatments
* Patch test required 24 hour prior to treatment    
Eyebrow Tint * 10 Mins £5.00
Eyebrow Shape 10 Mins £7.00
Eyebrow Shape & Tint * 25 Mins £10.00
Eyelash Tint * 25 Mins £15.00
Lash Lift * (Includes Eyelash Tint) 60 Mins £40.00
Eyebrow 10 Mins £7.00
Upper Lip or Chin 5 Mins £5.00
Upper Lip & Chin 10 Mins £8.00
Full Leg 45 Mins £23.00
Half Leg 30 Mins £14.00
Underarm 15 Mins £8.00
Full Arm 20 Mins £20.00
Lower Arm 10 Mins £10.00
Bikini Line 15 Mins £10.00
High Bikini 20 Mins   £12.00
Brazilian 30 Mins £23.00
Hollywood 30-45 Mins   £25.00
Mens Waxing    
Chest 15 Mins £15.00
Back 30 Mins £20.00
Chest & Back 45 Mins £30.00
Back & Shoulders 45 Mins £25.00
Complementary Therapy Treatments
Swedish Massage
A deeply relaxing massage tailored to the needs of each individual to promote healing, help ease muscle tension, reduce stress and anxiety, improve blood circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system, calm the nervous system and promote a sense of relaxation and well being.
Full Body 60 Mins £40.00
Back, Neck & Shoulders 30 Mins £30.00
Aromatherapy Massage
A luxurious massage using pure essential oils blended to your individual requirements. Inhale, relax and enjoy the benefit of a blissful “aroma” massage helping to bring your mind and body into harmony.
Full Body 60 Mins £40.00
Back, Neck & Shoulders 30 Mins £30.00
There are over 7000 nerve endings in the feet which all correspond to different organs, glands and body systems. Reflexology involves gently massaging the reflexes on the feet to promote deep relaxation and stimulate the body’s own healing processes.
  45 Mins £30.00
Deep Tissue Massage
Designed to release chronic muscle tension through slower strokes and more direct deep pressure and friction applied across the grain of the muscles to help break up and eliminate scar tissue, improve range of motion and get rid of deep rooted knots and tension points.
Full Body 60 Mins £40.00
Specific Injury 30 Mins £30.00
Indian Head Massage
A deeply relaxing treatment to re-balance your body’s energies, improve focus and circulation, relieve tension in the neck, head and shoulders, ease headaches and migraines and eliminate stress.
  30 Mins £25.00
Hopi Ear Candles 30 mins £20.00
Hot Stone Massage
Experience a truly relaxing full body massage using smooth, heated, volcanic basalt stones. The heat from the stones is wholly therapeutic making it the perfect treatment to help detox the body, loosen tight muscles, relieve stress and ease tension.
Full Body 60 Mins £40.00
Back, Neck & Shoulders 30 Mins £30.00
Hot stone massage
Treatment Packages
Pre Holiday Package
Designed to have you preened and polished ready for your getaway. Package includes Half Leg Wax, Bikini Wax, Underarm Wax, Eyebrow Shape, Eyelash Tint & File and Polish (both hands and feet).
2 Hours £55.00
Alpha Male Package
One for the Guys! Package includes a Prescriptive Facial, Full Body Swedish Massage and a Manicure.
2 ½ Hours £75.00
Pure Pamper Package
For the ultimate in relaxation indulge in a half day of pamper heaven. Includes: Manicure, Pedicure, Eve Taylor Anti-Ageing Facial with Deep Scalp Massage plus an Aromatherapy Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage.
4 Hours £95.00